Chapter 13: Tale of Two Kittens

It was about three months into the new school year; Mark and Jeanie only had two classes together and English was one of them.  Jeanie told Mark to go to class ahead of her, so she could check her tampon to see if she had started her period yet. She wasn’t late, but she was starting to get cramps.

Mark walked into class, and took his seat, suddenly a very familiar female from Mark’s past immediately sat down next to him, Buxom Blond Tiffany Tyler!!!

Jeanie and Mark both had Tiffany as a classmate in the past as individuals, but never together. One glace at Tiffany, and Mark knew trouble would soon follow.

“Hi, Mark, Tiffany purred, May I talk to you for a moment, she asked, sitting down in Jeanie’s desk without waiting for an answer?”

“Tiffany, that’s not a good idea, Jeanie’s going to be here in a minute-

“Can’t I just keep you company until she does, Tiffany pleaded,”

“No, Tiffany, Mark warned, if Jeanie sees me talking to you, she’s going to lose it. I don’t want any drama, I have enough problems.”

Tiffany’s timing could not have been worse, neither girl like the other. Jeanie had a grudge against Tiffany from day one, first she had a sexual history with her boyfriend, second she was a very mean-spirited, and shallow person who always wore a smile, and three, she had no respect for other people’s relationship boundaries.

Now Jeanie was into female unity, respect, and mutual supportability, but Tiffany would always be the exception.

She gave all women a bad name.

Jeanie was usually more tolerate of female offensives, than male offensives, and she usually gave other women more leeway, but not Tiffany.