Chapter 12: Sins of the Mother


After Jeanie opened the front door to her house, she walked past the kitchen where her mother was waiting. She saw Sabrina, out of the corner of her eye.

Jeanie had hoped she would have been able to go straight upstairs, so she could shower, change her clothes and go to bed, take an unhealthy amount of Motrin, if only to escape the pain. But now all of that would have to wait.

As Jeanie walked in and stood across the table the two women studied each other. Her mother was smoking a cigarette, and had a glass of wine nearby, normally filled to the top, but now, it was almost empty, Jeanie looked at the clock and it wasn’t even 10:30 yet.

Like Jeanie, her mother, Sabrina, had natural red hair, and when her mother was younger she was also beautiful, but never as attractive as Jeanie, every woman paled in comparison to Jeanie, she was cute, and she radiated!!!

Even her mother, Sabrina envied her for that.  Sabrina had not aged well, and as she became older she started to look harder. Her eyes became full of fear, suspicion, and that spark of insanity.

Betty Davis eyes.

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