Naked Commercials

Disclimer, I did not take these pictures, many times pictures are sent to me, so these may not be the actual person, you decide.

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Sometimes I’ll see a commercial and I’ll think, “Hey, who’s that hot piece of ass.” And then I’ll wonder what she looks like naked. So I tried to find some pictures of the girl in question.

If you don’t know who the actress is or in what commercial she appeared; there is a link for the commercial itself that you can view on YouTube.

The numbers are in reverse order to show the most recent additions first.

8. It’s Just



7. T-Mobile: Baby Sitter

6. State Farm: Furniture


5. Maybelline’s Gigi Hadid


4. First Class: Sketcher’s


3. Starkist: Making Lunch


2. Land Rover: Rainy Wedding Day

1. Kindergarten Teacher

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