World of Rath

Here are a list of facts that you may or may not be aware of. Okay the first thing that I would like to address is that there were drills going on all right before the actual shooting started. The media fails to mention this. And these drills were going on all day.

The reason many of the students were confused and bewildered was because the drill went live, without the students or teachers knowing it, and suddenly people were getting shot with live ammo.

Many students said there heard shots coming from multiple locations, and at least two additional shooters  were identified, as studens heard gunfire from multiple locations.

This is the same pattern as the 9-11 (Inside Job) when the Military had “War Games” on the same day the “terrorists” attacked. The Military did not engage because they became confused and as a result, four radical islamic terrorists with box cutters defeated the most expensively funded army in the world.

II. Never one around when you need one
The FBI and Local Police were clueless despite the fact that they were called to Nicholas Cruz’s (patsy) house 39 times prior to the shooting.

Jalen Martin (student) who at the same high-school on the day of the shooting told told Alex Jones that the Secret Service were at the school several weeks before the shooting. And as a result, the School changed its security policy several weeks before the shooting occured.

Camera outside Freshman door was removed prior to active drill goina live.

David Hogg (crisis actor) told CNN that he thought the shootings were a drill. David Hogg is spokesperson for the anti-gun movement. His father works for the FBI and his mother works for CNN. The FBI knew all about cruz and let it happen.

17 students died, but not one broken window. No blood splattered victims. No interior shoots of the school.

The deputies never entered the school. Florida Police were told to stand down. Rick Scott the Governor of Florida, did not resign, Sheriff Israel never resigned, no deputies reprimanded.

8 days after the Massacre Sheriff Israel immediately calls for gun control. No investigation. The police with guns did nothing, but he wants to take yours.

To be continued…