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Its not the end result he was looking for.

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Brilliant but socially inept geneticist Eugene Hutchings  wants to study the camouflage characteristics of the animal kingdom. And thinks he has discovered an invisible serum, but he is afraid to go public because he does not want his creation to be seized by the government and used as a weapon.

So what are the commercial applications of an Invisible Agent, except for spying and voyeurs, and will it work on humans beings instead of just animals?

Being shy around women his entire life his curiosity overwhelms him, and he tests it on himself, but when he finds no immediate results, except for a mild psychedelic effect that becomes more addictive with each dose.

When he does not see any results with repeated dosages, he becomes reckless and starts overdosing in large,  unregulated amounts.

Then he sees results but with disastrous effects. Unlike its addictive counterpart, the invisibility serum does not have predictable results. Some dosages it works while with others it does not. Some parts of the body are re-affected while other are not affected at all.

Then he develops a problem with partial visibility, where he can see his own organs working, like his heart beating, and his lungs breathing, and his own food absorbing as he digests it.

Worse than that he is having bizarre sexual dreams and episodes that are so potent, that he is not sure if the side affects are real or fantasy. In desperation he seeks help from other renowned scientists in all related fields of study, anyone he thinks might be able to help him.

But in the end, only a handful accept his invitation to his remote island home, and after careful examination they discover that his invisibility is not the result of a chemical reaction that bends light, but the waste product of a pathogen, that is eating him alive.

BlackMold by Jason Kondrath Copyright 2018


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