Here is a copy of the channels that I have on my current “Basic” Cable Bill that keeps going up every six months.

I don’t have any programs of quality but rather, Infommercials, PPV, and Porn Advertisments, here is the rundown

Channel 2: Steve Wilkos Show

Channel 4: Days of our Lives

Channel 7: General Hospital

Channel 38: Judge Faith

Channel 50: The People Court

Channe 56: Curious George

Cartoon, now I want to mention when I was a boy the books with Curios George had the monkey with a tail, which made sense because monkeys have tails, but there was a disturbing report that the scientists at CERN (look it up), have been experimenting with changing the past, changing details in cartoons and movies was thier “target” goal. I remember Curios George with a tail and have an original book that illustartes him with a tail, that you cannot find anywhere, picture shown below.

Channel 62: Bold & Beautiful (Soap Opera)

Channel 70: Martha Steward

Channel 72: Jewerly Channel (Infomercial)

Channel 74: Bissel Carpet Cleaner (Infomercial)

Channel 75: Burmese Jade Jwerery (Infomercial)

Channel 76: Elecronic Connetion (Infomercial)

Channe 77: Make Up Tips (Infomercial)

Channel 78: QVC 2

Channel 79: Power Smokless Grill

Channel 80: Indoor Grilling

Channel 81: Heavenly Soft Sleepwear

Channel 82: Air Fryer Over

Channel 83: One Rule for Flat Stomach

Channel 84 IDEA: Bathroom Remodel Secrets

Channel 85: “That DAMN Dog”

I have no idea what this is, a cartoon show, a televison series, a video game, you tell me??? But the word DAMN is offensive in the title of any. I would never watch it just on principal.

Channel 88: Reverse Mortgage (Information)

Channel 89 (MALL): Soft Water Solutions

Channel 91 CELEB: Larry King

Channel 95 (CSHD): Credit Secrets

Channel 97 (CASH):  Hot Tub Paradise

Channel 99: Pressure Cooker

Channel 111: Lifelock Protection

Channel 114: NFL Sunday Ticket (Advertisement)

Channel 115-121: TBA

Channel 123: UFC Advertisement (Preview, Replay, or Upcoming)

Channel 124 – 224: Now I want you to pay attention as this is very important, this PPV Channesl are movies that would be at Blockbuster, when we still had Blockbusters, and are currently playing all day for a one time price of say $7.99. All the movies are garbage, and are not worth seeing. But when he try to skip over them your remote will automatically trigger a delay, where you get stuck on that PPV selection without you ever meaning too. And no matter how many times you press the button you will not be able to get it to flip any faster, leaving you to believe that something is wrong with your remote, like the batteries are dying. The cable guide does this secretly on purpose, and you have to use your “View” button to escape.

To be continued…










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