Paint by Numbers

After a careful review of the Paint by Number “War Edition” by Romco I discovered that it was impossible to make the image look like it did on the box with the paints they provided.

But I was hopeful.

The one color they never skimp on is that shit brown, and although appropriate for all three war criminals: George Bush (43) and his father), Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, it bled so bad, that its difficult to tell who was who after it dried.

That being said, after careful consideration, this is yet another Romco product that I cannot recommend.

Here is my review of other products offered by Romco


Mr Microphone **

Only works on the AM stations and even then the static bleeds thru.


Mr Dentist **

Electric toothbrush before they became mainstream.


Smokeless Ashtray (No Stars)

I had to order this as soon as I saw it, but but when I used it the air that was “purified” smelled even worse. Then I started getting headaches and eventually blacked out.

I had a car whose exhaust had a hole in it. The fumes would leak inward. Sometimes I would passed out while driving down the freeway.


Cordless Vacuum (No Stars)

Didn’t work but made a horrible noise that scared the fish every time I tried to use it.

Battery Tester *

No matter what you tested it always registered the same.


Egg Scrambler *

What is so hard about scrambling eggs?


Back Cushion ***


Glass Maker (Now Illegal) No Stars

Cut my lips up pretty bad on the jagged edge, 40 stitches on the bottom lip alone and the doctor said I was lucky that I still have a tongue.


Paint by Numbers *

Just one big chunk of shit


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