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Authors Note:

This novel is based on actual events that happened to me.

I never believed in haunted houses; until I owned one, I was a real-estate agent who bought a house the owner had died in. It was cheap, and run down, and needed repairs so I figured that I could do most of them myself, and then flip the house later for a quick profit.

One night I was working in the house alone, when the lights suddenly went out. I took my flashlight and went downstairs to the breaker box to reset the switch. Suddenly my flashlight dimmed like all the juice had been sucked out of the batteries, and then died completely. These were new batteries that I had just put in.

I fumbled with the switches in the dark, looking for the main breaker. It was completely black, midnight with no moon so I couldn’t see anything, but I “detected” movement in that ocean of darkness that was the basement, and it was completely unexpected.

I was so scared that my soul tried to jump out of my body like I read about people describing an out of body experience when they died on the operating table or at the scene of an accident before they were brought back.

I assume what I experienced was similar to that. I was so scared that my soul tried to jump out of my body to escape the it, but it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react, like stepping on a tact, It was a spiritual reflex motion, something you realize only after the fact because you don’t have time to think about it first. After that I quit real-estate because I didn’t want to sell houses anymore.

***Warning do not read this novel alone!!! ***









2″ (Two Inches) Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath

Evil’s Never Been So Close

Chapter 1: Poor Richard

For those of you who don’t know me, and won’t subscribe to me. You won’t read my material, that’s how close minded, and selfish you are. Maybe you should join the Illuminati. The group of Satanic Bankers who want to create a one world order so the Devil can take control to enslave the human race.

The Bible alludes that the Devil can not create, only destroy, Human Beings throughout history have sold their souls to obtain money, power, and wealth. all at the expense of the rest of us, in and attempt  to create a one world order for that “sole” purpose.

I had my chance to join almost five years ago, when I arrived in Los Angelo’s (City of Angel). I write about witchcraft, demonology, cults, political corruption, so I caught their attention rather quickly.

But I refused.

You’ll never write in this town again.

That was a joke.

I’m going to be successful, no matter what, but unlike other artists Vincent Van Gogh, and Phillip K. Dick, it would be nice if I could see some of that success in my own lifetime.

Only you can make that possible.


2″ Chapter 2: Shannon O’Bannon



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