Chapter One

Chapter 2: Shannon O’Bannon

Shannon was a rocker in high-school who loved glam metal. Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue, and even Ozzy Osborn. Bands that were popular when her parents were kids. She went to every concert she was allow to in the Summer, and she bought a concert shirt at every venue as a souvenir.

She would wear them the following week at school.

Many other students, even in High school were not allowed to go to concerts became their parents knew what went on at a lot of them. She had over thirty shirts now, and each one from a different band. She always bought them two sizes larger because they shrunk in the wash. Most still fit her, but she even kept the ones that didn’t fit her or that had become a little too snug.

Shannon never threw anything out. Rocker chicks generally had bad reputations, but Shannon was not stupid or trashy. She could play stupid very convincingly thou. Or childlike to get her out of trouble with her parents. This also got men to lower their defenses.

Shannon was attractive even without make-up, which was a true testament to her beauty.

Shannon like her mother before her, loved the male attention that she never got from her father. So, she learned how to get male attention from other men, by teasing, flirting and manipulating to get it. She realized beauty had power at a very early age.

In addition to being a sassy, full figured, Mid-Western Brunette, she also had a sexual charisma that separated her from most of the other girls her own age. If women were like rain-drops, Shannon’s beauty sparkled like the Nile.

Not unlike Cleopatra of Egypt, her beauty was a seductive magnet. Cleopatra had also seduced men, powerful men, like Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar, and slept with them both and then destroyed them both.

Shannon may have been on par with royalty because just like Cleo, Shannon would play one man against another if she needed to get what she wanted. But this was the exception and not the rule.

When Shannon started high-school, her mother Melisa, realistic and modern in every respect, knew that she could not prevent her daughter from having sex, it was inevitable. But she could try to keep her from getting pregnant.

Melissa knew that Shannon was rebellious, and headstrong like herself, so her mother let her put her on a leash with enough slack to run but not choke. She just wanted her to know where the boundary lines were.

Melisa put her daughter Shannon on birth control as soon as she found out that she had acquired a boyfriend. Neither woman had bothered to tell the man of the house, William, because he was never home to hear any family news anyway.

And even if he had protested about Shannon being on birth-control, it wouldn’t have mattered. Melisa, her Mother had been, and always would always be, the head of the household. She felt more like a single parent, and the few times her husband was at home, she never let him forget it.

William thought himself to be an honorable man, and he got Melisa pregnant when they were still in college, so he married her. And he planned to stay with Melisa at least until Shannon was away at college.

But when he realized that he would be trapped, possible forever, because Shannon wasn’t smart enough to get into college, he changed tactics.

William, a clever man in his own right, escaped his marital problems with occupational plausibility, that is, he traveled frequently on business related trips. He would do anything to avoid a fight with his wife, except divorce her.

Sometimes your marriage was more of a liability emotionally than it was financially, Billy had not reached that point yet. Not whenever he had the opportunity to escape to faraway lands by making money, instead of fighting over it.

William was an arms dealer who sold to both sides and asked his boss and good friend Gerald, to demote him just so he could start traveling again.

He didn’t hate his desk job, but he couldn’t avoid his marital problems with it. Besides it was boring, he wanted to be the one making the money instead of counting it. He was a salesman, not a gloried paper pusher.

And he missed his friends, which he had made all over the world. He could waltz into the war zone like a criminal (which technically he was), and leave like a King, as opposed to entering his house, (another war zone) and feeling just the opposite.

Unlike the lines of the Military Industrial Complex where the battle lines were clear, the battle lines in marriage, were confusing, blurred, poorly translated, and frequently updated without notice.

Now as the battle heated up at home, the political climate everywhere else in the world had cooled, so it was the perfect time to make some real money again.

“Is it the job, Billy, Gerald, his boss, asked him, cutting the tip off an expensive Cuban cigar?”

That’s what his boss Gerald, called him, Billy, never William, then he lit it and started puffing on it immediately.

Technically there was no smoking allowed anywhere even near the building, let alone in it, but Gerald did whatever he wanted, because the rules didn’t apply to him. And this was a Government Facility!!!

Little reminders of his power only exemplified it. You didn’t fuck with Gerald Ross. And God help the person who was stupid enough to try. Only a few had, and the rest had fallen in line afterward at the speed of light.

The poplar saying “Justice was Blind” was an incomplete sentence, that’s what the masses were taught -incomplete sentences, “Justice was Blind, but Vengeance was Swift, and that’s how they operated.

Billy himself, was very competent, he did what he said, and more importantly what he was told. He never complained. This qualified him to be the perfect fall guy, and combined with his tested loyalty, one for all seasons.

So, when an operation went bad, sometimes by design, he protected his superiors by taking the blame. He had been (officially), fired over a dozen times. And then rehired with a new title created just for him doing the same fucking thing.

Bill had been promoted faster than anybody because he knew how to keep his mouth shut. He had lots of practice in his marriage. Billy never told anybody, anything. Least of all his wife. He could deflect instead, with a charming smile, or an infectious laugh, and was good at making people he had just met, feel comfortable. And that skill was invaluable in his line of work.

“No, it’s the wife, Billy answered.”

Gerald knew about wives, he was on his third marriage himself. So, he demoted “Billy” at his request, without any further questions, but absently remarked that he would keep him on at the same pay rate. Then turned his back to look out his office window which was a signal for “Billy” to leave.

Gerald took care of his people.

Billie’s mouth dropped to the floor. He was shocked, then he jumped up and hugged the older man, who he loved like a father, from behind, knocking the cigar out of his mouth, and unto the posh carpet below.

Gerald had fired men for less.

“Dammit, it Billy, I just started this cigar, Gerald couln’t care less about the posh carpet it had just burned a hole in. Billy was still standing there horrified, about knocking the cigar out of his bosses mouth.

And then Gerald grabbed the huge-fly swatter off his desk (that Billy had bought for him as a joke), and motioned like he was going to beat it him with it if he didn’t leave, and right now!!!

Billy ran out his office so fast he might have qualified for the Olympics.

“Gerald tried not to laugh, yelling after him before he shut the door, “And don’t let me see you back here too soon, unless you want me to change my mind.”

When William called his wife shortly after thereafter, and told her that there was an emergency, and he was “forced” to go back to his old job, and they would have to re-budget the household expenses once again when he got home (never specifying a time), she was still screaming bloody murder, even as he was hung up the phone.

She didn’t know that Gerald kept him on at the same money, so he told her otherwise and pocketed the the difference. Then he immediately opened a new bank account in Australia; not Switzerland after some bogus agency under the United Nation insisted on new “transparency” laws that made money laundering ever more difficult than it had already become.

God, he hated election years.

Shannon unlike her father, had a big mouth, so in that respect, she took after her mother, who encouraged it to use it.

This was how a smart woman protected herself. One of a woman’s greatest weapon’s  was her tongue, and it was devastating, as loose lips; sank ships.

One time her mother told her, if your ever sworn to secrecy and you tell, those people will hate you, but if tell them first not to tell you first, because you can’t keep a secret, and they do so anyway, you will always be forgiven.

They demonstrates how weak they are when they should have known better.

Shannon considered herself a cut above the rest of the girls, and most of the guys who tried to bed her agreed, but she was holding out for someone she considered special.

And shortly thereafter, she met a good-looking boy named, Tommy. He was a cocky blue-eyed, blonde with a muscular build, in a freshman class with her when he should have been in a sophomore one instead.

When he saw her, he slipped her a note during class telling her how beautiful she was, and she laughed. After class he asked her out, and they had been together ever since.

One winter about two years later, Shannon got sick and went to her family doctor who put her on antibiotics for the flu. What she didn’t know was that this brand of penicillin made her birth-control ineffective, and two months later she told Tommy that she was pregnant.

Tommy was her first, and she his, or so she thought, but he hadn’t seemed to mature very much in those two years despite her making a “man” out of him. And when she told him she was pregnant, he made it very clear that he was not ready to be “forced” into fatherhood.

“Are you sure, maybe your just late, Tommy asked?”

She had missed two periods and had taken a pregnancy test, which had shown her positive. There was no doubt.

When Tommy couldn’t talk her into getting an abortion, he blamed her for getting pregnant on purpose, even thou he knew the truth. He was dumb, but he wasn’t that dumb.

So, he left her the summer vacation in-between his junior and senior year. Tommy’s parents were divorced, and at the time he lived in Michigan with his mother, but when Shannon told him that she was pregnant, he dropped out of school, and moved to Florida, to work with his dad as a roofer.

Shannon had to tell both women, his mother and hers, that she was pregnant by herself.

The day before Tommy left, he did not tell Shannon that he was leaving, he told her that he would pick her up, so they could tell his mom together first, and then hers, but called her at the last minute instead he broke down crying and told his mom that she was pregnant and when he did she kicked him out of the house and he had no choice but to leave and find work with his dad.

When Shannon asked if asked if she could intercede on his behalf, he told her not to that night, because he wanted to give his mom a chance to calm down first, and if she tried tonight it would only make matters worse. Shannon reluctantly agreed and the next day when he was supposed to pick her up in his truck, he never did.

Shannon had a girlfriend drive her over to Tommy’s house, and she had her friend wait in the car, while she knocked. Rachel, Tommy’s mother met her at the door, and she had no idea what Shannon was talking about.

Shannon asked if she had kicked Tommy out of the house, and Rachel said that she had not, and that she had no idea that Shannon was even pregnant until this moment, when she told her. Tommy never had.

Rachel told Shannon that Tommy had called his father and asked him if he could get him a job for the summer because he needed the money. And that he needed a break because the two of them were starting to quarrel non-stop.

That’s the type of verb-age Rachel used “quarrel” of “fussing” never fighting or arguing, She was a good women of even temperament, but she worked two part-time jobs and always looked exhausted.

When Shannon told Rachel she was pregnant, Rachel did not even look surprised. She scooted her chair towards Shannon’s without saying a word and hugged her. Then she held her while Shannon bawled for almost an hour.

Rachel had an address to contact Tommy but no phone number, and she gave it to Shannon before she left, still in tears.

Shannon told her mother Melisa, right after she finished the dishes.

She knelt in front of her mother as if praying, and held her close, sobbing miserable, “Mama, I’m pregnant with Tommy’s baby, and after I refused to get an abortion, he left me.”

Shannon was afraid to let go of her mother, for fear that she might slap her face, even after she knew she was pregnant.

What happened, her mother pushed her away roughly?

I don’t know I took the pills just like I was supposed to, but then they stopped working. Tommy said I got pregnant on purpose to trap him?

“Did you?”

No, mama I would never do that, Shannon replied.

Melisa believed her.

Do you want to keep the baby, Melisa asked her?

Yes, but I don’t want to have to choose one over the other.

“If you choose Tommy over the baby, you will lose them both. Men come and go, but your children are forever. And getting an abortion is something that you will regret the rest of your life, especially if you do it because of him, and not for yourself.”

Shannon nodded.

I got pregnant with you when I was in college and your father told me to get an abortion as well, he said if I didn’t, he would leave me, but I told him to go to hell.

I didn’t know Shannon said shocked.

He left me anyway, just like he said, but he came back. So, will Tommy, they always come back.

I can’t believe Daddy could be so hurtful, Shannon said childlike.

He didn’t want to marry me, but his parents made him.

Shannon shook her head, that’s horrible.

Your father and Tommy are two birds of the same feather.

No, Mama, Tommy’s not like that, he’s just scared cuz now he’s got to grow-up.

Do you know where your father is, he mother asked?

Shannon blamed her mother for her father’s absence, she was always such a miserable bitch it was no mystery why her father was never home. Shannon was just as angry at her father too, how could he abandon her and leave her with just her mother. She was not just crazy, but mean-spirited.

There was a very popular doll that Shannon wanted when she was just a little girl.

The stores were on back-order, because they had exhausted their supply, and even the manufactures themselves had sold out several times. Everything was made over-seas now, so they distributed all over the world, and not just the United States. A popular item meant Global, not National. The wait time would be both long and unpredictable.

Many companies went out of business because by the time they could mass produce the millions they needed again, the fad was over.

But her mother refused to buy the doll at a collector’s prices, not because she did not have the money, but because she thought it was a waste of money, people like Melissa who spent their whole life making money rarely spent it.

So Shannon would have to wait until her birthday or a holiday like Christmas. Her neighbor was an old gypsy woman who owned a local doll store in town, and this year during their community sale, she was selling identical looking dolls out of her garage.

All the dolls were lined up in a row, and one more beautiful than the next. but Shannon had fallen in love with one who was at the very end. It was a doll that looked identical to herself. It was as if the toy maker had used her image for their inspiration!!!

Uncanny to say the least.

The dolls were a very popular item that year. And the woman was an expert at making dolls, and even sewed their corresponding outfits as well. The gypsy’s dolls were not the authentic originals from the manufacturer of course, but the craftsmanship was so detailed, that if you were to put the two together, side by side it would be impossible to tell the difference, if you did not know beforehand.

Even her replicates were expensive, but the old gypsy charged half the price the authentic one’s cost, if you could even find one.

So Shannon took the money from her mother’s purse. Her mother’s purse was always loaded with money, but she seemed rather careless about it, the bills spilling all over the bottom of her purse. So Shannon figured that she would never miss it.

Even if Shannon had asked her on her birthday, her mother would still have refused her because she hated that old witch who lived next door.

The old gypsy was unwanted just based on her ethnicity and color, but her condo was bigger, and more expensive, and had additional amenities, not just a brick fireplaces, or swimming pool, but almost five hundred additional square feet!!!

The previous summer, after she moved in, there had been a dispute about the property line, after she had moved in. During the closing, a survey had been done and the new owners discovered that they had ten additional feet that extended beyond the natural barrier of the shrubs that was thought to be the dividing line between the two properties. The natural barrier was beautiful.

And then the first day the Romanians moved in, they had cut all the shrubs down in less than an hour, because they attracted beetles and other bugs that destroyed the garden they were going to plant.

Then the stockpiled firewood to replace the shrubs and on the property, that was extended beyond the natural barrier.

Melisa erroneously thought that this was an encroachment, because the new owners never bothered to inform their neighbors.

The old gypsy women had a daughter who tried to help her as much as she could, as her English was very limited, but she was not home very because she studied Medicine at the local University.

Melisa immediately complained to the Association that governed and enforced the rules of the subdivision, and they had an independent third-party contractor, come to do an additional survey, who agreed with the banks surveyor. They discovered there had been a mistake made on the original plot when it was drawn.

The subdivision had purchased additional land at the time because they were expanding, and Melisa’s house was a part of that development. Melisa hired her own surveyor and attorney, but she was told that any legal action could not be taken against her neighbor directly, and that she would have to sue the Condominium Association instead, and her chances of that did not seem promising.

Melisa was still seething and had been holding a grudge against the women ever since. Now she could not even stand the sight of that ugly old bitch. And that was the real reason why Melissa wouldn’t buy the doll for her.

She warned her daughter to stay away from that filthy women because those people were dirty and carried diseases.

But Shannon bought the doll with the money she had stolen secretly and hid the doll under her bed so that her mother wouldn’t find it. She was careful only to play with the doll after school, or before her bedtime, and always with her door locked and out of her mother’s sight.

When she was finished she carefully hid the doll in the same secret spot every time. But one day when Shannon was at school, her mother cleaned her room, she did all the cleaning herself.

Melisa refused to hire a maid because she did not want another woman in the house. And that was when the beautiful doll fell out from between the box-springs and onto the hardwood floor that she planned to mop. It’s little arms were both raised upward begging to be held.

She almost screamed when it landed on the floor unexpectedly.

She studied the doll with the look of murder on her face.

Make a fool of by her own daughter!!!

In a fit of rage, she was going to break it in half, but then suddenly, she stopped herself.

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Authors Note:

This novel is based on actual events that happened to me.

I never believed in haunted houses; until I owned one, I was a real-estate agent who bought a house the owner had died in. It was cheap, and run down, and needed repairs so I figured that I could do most of them myself, and then flip the house later for a quick profit.

One night I was working in the house alone, when the lights suddenly went out. I took my flashlight and went downstairs to the breaker box to reset the switches. Suddenly my flashlight dimmed like all the juice had been sucked out of the batteries, and then died completely. These were new batteries that I had just put in.

I went over to the basement windows and pulled back the curtains, anything to let some light in. The sky outside was completely black, we don’t have anymore stars because of all that shit they spray overhead, the “human pesticides” that are more popular known as chem-trails.

If you doubt me, go out tonight, or right now if its dark and look up, you won’t see one star. The sky out the window was completely black, midnight with no moon to speak of either. It was either cloudy, or a quarter moon phase, I don’t know,

But I could not see anything in the dark, Then I walked back and I fumbled with the switches in the dark, looking for the main breaker. My eyes had a hard time adjusting to the dark, but suddenly I saw or detected movement somewhere just in front of me in that ocean of darkness that was the basement, and it was completely unexpected.

There was no one else in the house, I came alone, and no one could have gotten in. You ever have anyone sneak up on you? Like a prank, It was like that.This was the most scared I had ever been in my life.

How scared?

I read about people who described an out of body experience when they died on the operating table or at the scene of an accident before they were brought back.

I was so scared that before I could fully comprehend what had happened, my body was body was scared stiff but my soul tried to jump out of my body to escape whatever it was downstairs with me.

I don’t know what it was, I ran screaming all the way up the steps, and out the door and I did not look back until I was at my car. When your that scared you don’t piss or shit yourself like they say you do in books.

My soul jumping out of my body, was like stepping on a tack, it was something you realize after the fact, not before, and your body tells your brain what happened after you central nervous system steps off the tack, and not the other way around.

After that I quit real-estate because I didn’t want to sell houses anymore. I only did that to get the money I needed to make the proto-types necessary for my inventions, which were very, very expensive. Now I was also a great story teller but first and foremost a inventor by trade, finally someone said, Rath, you have to write about this shit, and I said, “No one would believe me.”

And they said, if anyone could make them believe it would be you…

Hell that sounded like a bet, so I did, and after almost fifteen years this fifth book is completed, and the first five chapter are available as a preview. Why don’t you read for yourself and you be the judge???