Fear was an energy source. But not one utilized by human beings, they did not have that technology… nor would they for another hundred years. But that did not mean that such things in the Universe did not already exist.

Other things lived off of fear.

There were things that lived off hated as well!!!

The “light” inspired hatred. It reminded “those-things” of the changes that God had made before the stars were created.

And the beautiful and perpetual darkness had been disturbed forever.

And their calm had been vanquished.

It was rumored that the seeds of Evil had been cultivated and inspired from those changes, when God had forced his will on creation yet again.

And “those-things” became so horrible that after The First Rebellion, they could only exist in the dark.

And they were everywhere, but getting closer because the veil that separated life and death was simply that… a veil, a clever illusion just out from the reach of man. And it’s solid color was just a reflection from the blackness of space. The Veil itself had no color, it was transparent.

People who practiced Black Magic, Witchcraft, and Voodoo pierced the fabric, creating a rift, and because of the impermanence of it, sometimes things from the other side slipped under, around, or even between the veil itself.

But were such things real???

Did people still practice Black Magic in the 21st century???

Unlike Human Beings, Evil is eternal, it has no boundaries, it is not limited by distance, time, space, or technology.

It has always existed since creation, and has grown stronger since its inception. Now its presence has never been more prominent than any other time in human history.

And it was ready to make its final move to extinguish that flame know as “humanity” on planet Earth forever.

Two Inches

Evil has never been closer.


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