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Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath 2017

Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath 2017










2″ (Two Inches) Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath

Evil’s Never Been So Close


Chapter 1: Poor Richard


Richard was a part-time criminal with a full-time drug habit, and had been in and out of prison because of it, since he was a juvenile.

He had just completed one year served, on a two-year sentence for dealing to an undercover narcotics officer.

His parents had money, and access to expensive attorneys, but with Richards obsessive drug habit, it was difficult for even them to keep him out of trouble.

It was tragic because Richard had potential, very sensitive, and highly intelligent. He was heavy into philosophy, the arts, and music (especially the guitar), which he had started to play in the fourth grade.

His parents enrolled him for lessons at the local music store because they thought that it might be a good way for him to express himself and give him a positive outlet.

And he kept up with it, now he was quite good. He even joined a band in high-school. And playing guitar in a band gave Richard the opportunity at an otherwise unobtainable social life.

It would surprise many of his “rocker” friends, to know that when he was home (usually grounded), he would watch documentaries, like those featured on the History Channel. This was something he would never do if his friends were over. Or admit too if he was caught.

Richard had two personalities, not a split personality. One public and one private. And despite his appearance of ripped jeans, black T-shirts, and converse shoes, there was much more to him than his “I don’t give a fuck about nothing, attitude, because he did.

In fact, he felt more, not less, that the average teen, and he contemplated things much more deeply, and he was highly intelligent, if not highly motivated.

One weekend Richard caught an episode of Allister Crowley, the wickedest man who ever lived, on the History Channel which was quite a title considering that Adolf Hitler was also alive at the same time, and responsible for the extermination of six million Jews.

After that episode, Richard became fascinated with Crowley. The episode was ambiguous at best, superficial, sterile, and glossed over, but Richard started doing his own research on his personal computer (with enhanced internet speed, not common at that time).

No one could have guessed, but the computer would surpass even the television itself in popularity and become the most popular household item for the next fifty years.

Crowley was a shadowy figure to say the least, but his practice into Satanism and Black Magic was more about power, than evil done, for evil sake.

Ironically, Richard and Crowley had several things in common, one of which, they both came from a family with money. Two, they both lost their father at an early age. And three they were both raised Catholic, which they hated.


Richard could appreciate the hypocrisy that Crowley exposed in the Catholic, the most superficial, it not the most practiced of all religions.

And paled by comparison to the Amish, who actually practiced their faith, by living it.

Their congregation was more of an extended family, and everyone helped the other to survive, there was no “weakest link,” in the Amish Community. A there was a lot to be said for that.

Catholics by contrast had priests who molested and raped Alter Boys, and Girls, and when exposed were protected by the church, not punished.

Then those priests were transferred to other parishes to avoid the public outcry, legal prosecution, bad publicity, and expensive settlements. The families were either payed off, discredited, or ostracized.

Crowley also argued that Free-Will itself, was an illusion, because no one had a choice about existence itself, and that life was forced upon us. And so were our circumstances.

Finally if you wanted an actual glimpse of “Free Will” than let man Do What Thy Wilt, without the threat of punishment, as the nature of man was inherently wicked.

There was a theory, and it was the basis of Satanism, something that originated long before Crowley, that there was a hole in the soul of every sentient being, an empty pit, a void. A microscopic black-hole.

Some could recognize it, others could not. But the effects of the void were there in either case. And many tried to fill this void with Alcohol, Food, Gossip, News, Movies, Politics, Sex, Television, Technology, Violence, and War, but these were all merely distractions.

Boredom was the worst, boredom led you to the conclusion that life itself had no purpose. There was no reason for existence (except suffering), and it was the avoidance of this realization of “no-purposefulness” that was the reason man had created everything else.

Otherwise he would reach that inevitable conclusion that led to self-destruction: suicide or insanity.

So, people avoided that truth at all costs. They tried to fill that void because the truth was too disturbing.

But it was this truth that was also the underlying reason for all the other problems that plagued the human condition since its inception.

A Catch 22, or no-win situation, if you will.

Like Crowley, Richard had an intelligent sensitivity, but a cynical disposition. And he was always haunted by one question.


Even as a youth in church Richard wondered why?

Why, if God truly loved man, would he set him apart from Heaven and into the such a horrible world where he was destined to fail in the first place?

He didn’t love the Devil, but he had Sympathy for the Devil. God was the one responsible, he created man, his plight, and the predicimate, not the Devil, the bible implies, the Devil cannot create, only destroy.

And what was his enemies, enemy?

Even the Buddhists, most humane of any religions said, “Life was Suffering, way before the Satanists like Allister Crowley popularized it.

Finally, Richard, like Crowley, considered himself superior to the rest of the human race, despite his short-comings. It wasn’t anything that he had or did, but rather something innate. Something he was born with.

A sociopath with a Conscious?

Richard was always looking for an edge. Something to give him an advantage over everybody else, some secret power or knowledge that nobody else knew or had that would make him seem or be superior.

Certainly more than just human.

His father was a doctor, and his mother a successful business woman in her own right, who had gone to school but never opened her own restaurant because she got pregnant with Richard instead.

David, his father worked all the time, and Ella his mother was alone because of it, when Richard wasn’t at school, he was out with his friends, and as he got older he seemed to need her less and less.

In fact, Richard seemed never to be home. And when he had to be, he was very good at disappearing.

When he was forced to stay home, Richard would usually have his dinner up in his room, while his parents were fighting, practicing his guitar lessons for the week, and secretly researching Satanism and the black arts on his computer with 128k Internet connection.

It was just easier to avoid small talk, if he wasn’t there to begin with, this would just lead to other questions, what Richard considered an interrogation.

His father should have been a cop, not a doctor. When he nor his father were at home, Ella was alone and constantly reminded of it.

She knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know what it was. Doctor Poor had been having an affair with a very attractive nurse half his age.

Ella wanted her husband home more, and she even threaten to start her own catering business again. She needed to distract herself from her marital problems, because being alone all the time was causing her to drink.

When he called her bluff what choice did she have but to go thru with it.

With both of his parents gone, it made it easier for Richard to stay out of sight. And for a lot time everything was very quiet but then everything changed,
Richard mysteriously had a penchant for being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

And then one day both his parents were called into school when it was discovered that Richard was using drugs, he was high as a kite and only in the ninth grade.

Both of his parents were so distraught, they turned red from embarrassed and neither could look the principal, a very sympathetic man, whose own son committed suicide, ten years earlier, in the eye.

And David, his father silently started crying on the ride home. Richard wasn’t prepared for that, he didn’t know what was worse, that, or his subsequent punishment.

At home he ordered Richard up to his room, and both parents followed him up the stairs, but David stopped his wife short, and told her to wait outside while he took off his belt.



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2″ Chapter 2: Shannon O’Bannon



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