Close the Borders

1) Close the Borders of the United States.

Like Hell’s Angels if you weren’t born here, you can never be a citizen. In Austria if you get caught as an Illegal Alien you can NEVER become a citizen. You want to end underage drinking forever??? If you ever get caught drunk driving, you can never get a license.

2) Execute all Illegal Aliens in Prison

They live better than our Homeless Vets.
Three Hots and a Cot, Toilet Wine, Drugs, Cable TV, Ice Creme on Sundays…


3) No more International Aid

We have a third World in California called Skid Row

You can go from Beverly Hills to Skid Row (Or Vice Versa) in about 15 minutes by Uber it’s only (9.8 mi) via W 3rd St

4) No more Bailouts to GM, Chrysler, or the Banks.

You’re paying them to fail.

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Thank You for Being Here!!!