Chapter Fourteen: Magic Carpet Bed

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Sam noticed how nervous she looked, but she was beautiful.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to sleep on the couch,” he asked?

“You just stay on your side of the bed,” she laughed.

“Okay, he nodded, but he desperately wanted to kiss her before she went to sleep, it had been so long since he kissed a woman good-night.

But he knew how inappropriate, that would be, so he didn’t dare.

“Good night,” he said.

“Good night,” she replied.

“You’re sure you don’t mind if I read?”

The small halogen bulb was bright, so Sam adjusted the gooseneck lamp until the bulb itself was very close to his book. He tried to shield as much of the light from Tyler as he could.

“No, not at all,” then Tyler turned off her own lamp, and rolled over with the comforter pulled up just over the large swell of her breasts.

Truth be told Sam didn’t really read in bed, but he wanted to use that as an excuse to leave the lamp on. When Tyler fell asleep, he widened the distance of the lamp, so it illuminated more of the room. And he left it on all night.

Tyler and Sam started out by sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, but by morning the two of them had met in the middle with Sam spooning Tyler and both of them facing the same direction, his arms were wrapped around her waist.

Sam had gotten aroused, several times, so Tyler, (frowning in her sleep), had to keep adjusting her position until she turned around and held him back, it was more comfortable for him to poke her in the belly than near her rear. Tyler feared anal sex.

By morning she was so disoriented, she forgot where she was. Hey what happened to my apartment, she thought to herself, looking around the strange bedroom???

Then she woke up horrified. Tyler could still feel his sex stirring from beneath her. She almost screamed out her ex’s name in horror.

She thought she was back in her own apartment, and Jake might have broken in, while drunk and then fell asleep in bed passed out, claiming that she had invited him over. Then her mind raced.

Calm down girl.

And that’s when she remembered the sleepover. Sam. When she realized what she had done, she was

equally horrified. She couldn’t believe that she had been that stupid. Duped by a man she hardly even knew, into sleeping over.

How could she have fallen asleep in his bed so willingly???

She hadn’t even kissed him yet.

What was she thinking? Had she lost her mind? He had talked her into staying, and after what, only two or three hours???

And where had the time gone??? It slipped away so fast, it was midnight, and then she collapsed almost as soon as she was in his bed.

Did he drug her??? Maybe put something in her tea??? She had taken her medication right before she went to bed, she was while she was getting changed in his bathroom. But her own medication never affected her like that before. It always seemed to have a delayed reaction.

And then she checked her clothes, her panties, her T-shirt (actually his), and then her sex itself. There was no evidence of foul-play. A woman always knew!!! Thank God, she exhaled. She was relieved, she wasn’t on birth control. She rarely took it, because if she was not outright allergic to it, she was super sensitive. Her skin broke out in rashes or acne.

Fool; her better judgement admonished her, but he feels so good, her heart intervened. So good that for just for a moment, she wanted to try and soak in as much of his embrace that her guilt would allow her to.

She embellished waking up to a man who desired her, and secretly she hoped Sam felt the same way, and was not just looking to score with a single girl, who he manipulated into feeling guilty.

She needed to be held, protected, loved, but most of all accepted. Then she thought of her skin condition again, the horrible disease with the surprisingly exotic name.

It almost sounded like a village somewhere in Italy, “Excuse me sir, I’m looking for the Leper Colony here in Naples, perhaps you’ve heard of it, Vitiligo.

And then the depressing feelings of her reality replaced her momentary guilt and joy. Every morning she would look in the mirror and slowly pull her clothes down, hoping irrationally that somehow, by some miracle her condition would magically disappear. Or that the pills and crème would make a difference. But somehow, on a deeper level, she knew they wouldn’t.

Her two-tone coloring was still evident, in fact it had even widened and spread. If Vitiligo was the enemy, so was the mirror, as it confirmed her condition. And she was losing the battle.

Her eyes started to well up with tears. She was a freak; how could Sam love her?

Then she wiped her tears away, and suddenly she remembered her job, what time was it? She didn’t know because the alarm had never gone off.

She turned gently to face him, but for some reason tried to move as little as possible, so as not to disturb him at the same time.

It had been a long time since she had snuck out of anyone’s bedroom or did the “walk of shame.”

God, she hoped she wasn’t late for work, or that Sam’s neighbors weren’t up to see her leave the drive-way.  Another reason she did not want to wake him, was because she did not want him to see her without her make up.

The vitiligo had not affected her face yet, but she still wanted to look her best for him all the time, -every time.

But she didn’t need to worry, she was beautiful even without makeup. She had a very youthful face, that made those super cute and often hilariously comical expressions. The camera loved her.

She managed to ease up far enough to see the alarm clock on his bed-stand. To her horror it was already past 7:00.

Sam still had his arm wrapped around her but now it lower to her hips. She was trapped. Now she had no choice but to wake him, that was the only way she could get dressed and leave.

There was no way she could just sneak off, and leave a note. She wished he could have just left him there, and maybe even kissed him on the cheek while he slept.

But she had a staff meeting at eight, reluctantly she finally tried to wake him, “Sam, are you up, she


“No,” he whispered back, “now go back to sleep.”

“No, she said, “I can’t. I have to go home and shower; change my clothes before I go to work.”

“Shower here instead,” he said.

“What about my clothes, she replied.”

“Tell them the dry-cleaners made a mistake with your pick-up.”

“Wear the same clothes two days a row,” she laughed, “in an office full of women???”

“Just call in then,” he smiled, “and tell them your busy with a client.”

Then he wrapped his arms around him again. She unwrapped herself from his grip.

“I can’t do that,” she balked, “the meeting is mandatory, and I have to do the presentation today.”

“He yawned, unimpressed, “I thought you were an independent contractor,” he smiled wrapping his eyes still closed.

“Who works for an agency!!!”

“You sound stressed, he said.

“I am,” she said, and you didn’t stay on your side of the bed either, like you promised.”

He raised his head to check, and studied their positions, they had met in the middle somewhere during the night.

“Neither did you,” he replied.”

She checked to verify if that as true by pulling the blankets back to see who had stayed on whose side more so than the other.

He was not going to get out this that easily, not if she could help it. While she studied their positions, he asked her, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Did I enjoy what,” she asked nervously???

“The magic carpet bed he said?”

“The bed,” she sounded relieved, “oh yes, I loved it… now I don’t even want to sleep in a regular bed again.

“You won’t have too,” he said, “wrapping his arms around her again.

“No,” she said, “that’s not what I meant.”

“Next time just bring over some extra clothes,” he said casually.”

Next time, she thought to herself, there isn’t going to be a next time… was there???

“You obviously do not understand the gravity of my situation.”

“Which is what?”

“The hyper-critical perception of office woman,” she explained, “they notice little things, tell-tale signs and ugly details, that would give me away, and then hound me for details until I told them the truth.”

“Gravity of what,” he asked again confused???

“Why I’m wearing the same clothes two days in a row?”

“Tell them the truth,” he yawned, “that you slept with one of your clients.

Tyler yelped, “No, no, no, no, no….”

“You want me to explain it them,” he asked? “I’ll tell them you got sick.”

“Real Estate Agents do not get sick, if they don’t work, they don’ get paid.”

“At least promise to have lunch with me before you go, he said.”

She looked at the clock again, she would not have time to drive home, change, and make it back to the office on time.”

She would have to shower here, and then leave from his house with the same clothes she wore from yesterday. If he had an iron (what straight man did), she could press them first.

Then she membered she left her blazer in the car, if she wore that over her blouse, which was reversible, it might help throw off some suspicion.

But there was no way in hell that he was going to pressure her into having lunch with him, not after he was the one who had made her late to begin with.

“Well, where, would we go,” she asked?

“The Paper Tiger, he said.”

“The Chinese Restaurant, at the North End,” she asked?

That’s nearby your work, right?”

“Yes, Sam but they’re very expensive.”

“Great than its settled,” he said “I’ll make reservations right after they open.”

“Oh, Sam I don’t know…”

“What was your bosses name again, Ted???”

“No, Tom, why???”

“Because I’m calling for you,” he said.

“Okay, look if I agree do you promise to let me get ready in peace.”

“Yes, I promise.”

“What time for lunch,” she asked.

“How about noon,” he replied.”

“No, you better make it 1:00,” she countered, our meetings always run late. Noon would not give her enough me to go home and change before lunch.

She was going home after the meeting because now wanted to get ready for their date.”

“I’ll pick you up at the office then, he said.”

“You don’t want to meet there.”

“Why,” he asked, “you don’t want to pick up?”

“You know office gossip,” she said, “how about if I meet you outside?”

“That sounds good,” he said, “my car is older.”

“I don’t care about that,” she said.

“But its paid for just like the house.”

“Was that a repo too, she teased???”

“Yea, but I need some help fixing it up,” he said, “I think it’s a woman’s touch.”

“I agree,” and then she slapped her hand over her mouth as if that comment slipped out before she could shut it.

Sam laughed.

“Can we just see how lunch goes,” she replied.”

“Fair enough, he agreed.”

“May I use your shower now, she asked.”

“But I installed one of those jet-showers,” he said, the ones with multiple nozzles.”

“I’ve familiar with those,” she said.

I would still feel better showing you how to use the controls work because of the settings.

“Show me fast.”

“It’s in the downstairs bathroom,” he said.

Then Tyler noticed the closet door in the bedroom, it was open again, just like it was last night, not much, just a crack, maybe two inches.”

“I didn’t hear any scratching last night, she said.”

Sam opened his eyes like now he was awake.

“Your right,” he said, “I didn’t hear anything either.”

“Did the alarm clock go off, he asked?”

“No, she said, I didn’t hear it.”

It was on her side of the bed.

“Would you hand it to me please, he asked?”

She reached over and grabbed the clock from the nightstand, when she did, the T-Shirt she was wearing rode up exposing her black panties whose French cut compliment her shapely hips, the contrast between her white skin and the black silk was striking. If Sam wasn’t aroused before he certainly was now.

Her Vitiligo was visible as well, but for just a moment. Sam said nothing. Then she handed him the clock and quickly pulled down the T-shirt again.

He checked the settings in the back, the gold colored third hand, was still pointing at the five, then he flipped it over to show her, the alarm lever as still set. It should have gone off, but never did.

“Look at the alarm-bar, Tyler, it’s still pulled out, but the alarm never went off?”

“Why,” she asked?”

He handed her the clock, “I never touched it, will you try the bar for me?”

When she pushed it in nothing happened, then she pulled it back out, and the alarm went off loudly. She pushed the bar in again to stop it.

“I don’t understand,” he said, “it worked last night,” he tried to turn the wand again but it wouldn’t wind back much further.

“I’m sorry Tyler,” he said “I don’t know what happened. I wanted you to get to work on time, I mean you were good enough to put your trust in me…”

“It’s okay,” she said, “don’t worry about it.”

“You believe me,” he asked.

“Of course, I believe you.”

“I feel terrible,” he said sadly.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she finished, “I can still make it too work on time.”

“But I don’t want you to rush either,” he said, “the whole point of you staying was to get you to work safely.”

“Then get out of bed and show me how your shower works.”

“You’re sure you’re not mad,” he asked?

“No, unless you don’t have any clean towels,” she replied?”

Sam laughed, he was beginning to fall in love with her, first her beauty, then her tears, now her humor. She had him: Hook, line, and sinker.

He got up with her, but stopped short, she had suddenly bend over in front of him, she didn’t know he was directly behind her. Her legs were cramping so she stretched out of habit.

She exercised almost every morning before she went to work. She had her back to him while she raised her arms and then stood on her toes. This was almost like a ritual. And for just a moment her posture became unintentionally erotic.

Normally she would bend at the waist several times as well, but then she became aware of Sam watching her, so she skipped that part of her routine, then she would have been really late for work!!!

He studied her, and when she turned around, her breasts were full and large and her nipples hard and erect, but this time she was not embarrassed.

Nor did she tried to hide them. She even looked down to address them. “It’s cold in here,” she pouted.

“Would you like me to turn the heat up?”

“No thank you,” she said, “I won’t be staying that long.”

“Would you like me to make you coffee before you go, he asked?

“Oh yes, please, she almost begged.”

And then they made their way down the stairs together, and chatted. While Sam was making the coffee, Tyler undressed in his bathroom and stacked her clothes in a pile, then she wrapped herself in a towel, she had left the white robe with the wire belt upstairs.

She still needed Sam to show her how to work the control panel of the jet shower. Its brand name was called The Steamer because it turned the water into a mist, and that mist was thick and came out like a fog.

The jet streams from each nozzle could be set to a spray, or a fine aerial There were eight steam nozzles total, four on each side, one directly under another, so your entire body was covered at the same time like a sauna, but with water particles.

You could order an overhead nozzle as well and when this option was selected, it became a regular shower with water or steam.

Sam’s had eight nozzles total. You could order up to two additional nozzles, which was designed for couples so two people could shower at the same time, and that made ten.

You could also set the individual water pressure, temperature, and dispersion rate, for the individual nozzles and have them pulse separately on the more expensive models.

The streamer used half the water of a regular shower when it came out as a mist, which was about 40 liters, or 60 on the newer global metric system (gms).

The temperature as automatically adjusted, via integrated chip, but it also had a manual over-ride, and auto shut off. Sam didn’t have the deluxe model, but his one was one up from the basic model.

None of these units were standard in the new homes yet, but Sam was something of a tech geek, so he tried to stay ahead of the curve.

Many people were still unfamiliar with them, so he wanted Tyler to know the basics. Maybe he was showing off a little too, trying to impress her.

But Tyler already had one in her apartment, and they were standard in the upscale area’s where she lived, because those were commercial units and not residential.

Tyler’s model was the model above Sam’s and hers had the ventilated air-drying option as well. It was not unlike the air flow from a hand dryer in the commercial bathrooms.

Sam did not have that option, but he did have the vacuum-drain on the floor, which prevented an overflow of water or flooding from the water build-up.

This was standard on all the newer models, but when he bought his, it was not, so he had to pay extra at the time.

She appeared dutifully impressed, thanked him and followed him to the door meekly, then she shut it just enough to cover her nakedness before she dropped her towel.

She told him that she was grateful, she thought that her nakedness was fully covered, but what she didn’t know was that he could see her completely naked from behind, as there were several corner mirrors and one reflected off the other, so the angle exposed her perfectly. Tyler was magnificent, he had undressed her any times with his eyes, and she looked just as good as she thought she would.

One thing that was curious was the patch of white above her rear that looked like a bleached spot.

He had seen naked women with tan lines where their bikinis had been. It was like that except Tyler wasn’t suntanned. He should have told her, but he didn’t want to embarrass her.

“Thank you for letting me use your Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detergent,” she said.

Sam had a liquid soap that rinsed clean like a detergent, and did not leave a filmy residue like soap.

“I want to warn you that the door does not lock, he explained, “I removed them.”

“Why,” she asked???

“Because I always change the locks in a new house,” its just a pet-peeve of mine.”

“Should I be worried,” she asked smiling?

“Of, course not,” he laughed, “I’m just letting you know.”

“Will the door stay shut,” she asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“I won’t have any problems then,” she said.

“Okay,” she said, “but if you need me, you call me, and I mean it Tyler, I don’t care if your naked or not. Steam is a hundred times hotter than boiling water and skin burns are nothing to trifle with.”

“I will,” she promised.

“The coffee will be waiting for you when you’re done.”

“Thank You,” she said, and then shut the door gently.


Thank You for Being Here!!!