If Mexico doesn’t accept deportation of its own citizens, execute them all immediately. They don’t have any rights, because they are not citizens in the first place. They have the right to be executed for the crimes they committed in our country.

The current/previous Mexican President/Drug Cartel puppet President doesn’t take care of his own citizens, he wants Donald Trump to do it, that’s not a leader he’s not even a man. The Mexican people are poor, but proud, and that cock-sucker wants to take even that from them. Pride.

The MS-13 have the a place to stay, three meals a day, Health care, dental care, cable TV, access to a weights, not unlike a gym membership (so they can get become even stronger and more dangerous), when they get out, in like a month. Ice cream on Sundays. Free education, even thou nobody will ever hire them for a job.

Meanwhile our homeless vets are dying on the streets and routinely being denied medical benefits on a daily basis by the VA, as standard procedure and the VA are so corrupt, they hope the vets die first because they are so overloaded.

We are in an illegal war and one designed to NEVER end, it part of the Agenda 22 Population Control (look it up), do you know what “domestic terrorists” are also defined as? Disillusioned Military Vets who have returned from the War bad mouthing the United States Government, like Edward Snoden. What was his crime? Exposing the illegal activities of the United States Government.

Seventeen Million illegal immigrants that not an immigration problem that’s a fucking invasion. Which is an Act of War. Let pull our troops out of the sandbox in the middle east and bomb Mexico.

  1. Death Penalty Mandatory in every state

Prison is not a punishment, only the Death Penalty is, Prison is status for thugs, criminals and drug-dealers. It’s a finishing school, for gangsta, rappa wanna-bee’s, who want to make it big as legitamate artists. Prison gives them credibility, and notoriety, that equates to sales in the black community.

I will never forget Tupac Shakkur, who said in a interview, “I could not wait to get to prison.”

Until he was actually in prison, and then he said. “Prison is not the spot.”

Which equates to His own people turned on him (just like Malcom X), and raped him in prison, they did not him to be the one to take down the “white devils” the Black Devils were just as evil and Suge Knight owner of Death Row Records owed Tupac Hundreds of Millions in Royalties that he could not afford to pay, so killing him was a very simple alternative. Look it up.