1. Do not believe in God. I’m sure there is a God, but know that God and the Devil are one and the same. There would not be so much suffering in the world otherwise!!! If there is a God and all he does is watch us suffer than that is even worse than no god, or a god that has died. But not worse than a God who created a Universe like a Machine that stills runs like a clock that he abandoned.
  2. Don’t let Fear control your reason: Remember the only reason you really worship God is so that you will not go to hell. So that is a fear based religion. Anything based on fear is bad. Don’t do it. I don’t agree with everything that God does, For example why does one thing die so that another may live. Think about that the next time you are waiting in the drive thru at McDonald’s.  I don’t like this “Death” system, and if there is no better one then don’t create in the first place. Don’t create suffering, which is all God did!!! That is why you should not worship him. Its the truth and the truth will set me free. Whose going to punish God, that’s my question.
  3. Don’t call me a Devil Worshiper I am not a devil worshiper, I don’t worship God, why the hell would I would I worship the devil??? I don’t like him anymore than I like God, I am not into killing, sacrifice, violence, murder or insanity, if I was I would watch cable new, but I don’t.
  4. There are no answers outside of yourself, no miracle cure, no get rich quick, no secret book of prayer hidden in some cave buried in the side of a mountain in Tibet. You want the answers, don’t go to religions, If you want the answer to a problem then you have to think about it a long time, meditate, and you will get your answer. That’s it!!! Now  you have the secret of the Universe.
  5. Don’t give your money to politicians or organized religions. Better you run for public office, or start your own religion and I am not kidding.
  6. All we have is each other, no God, or space aliens, or New World Order, or corporations, are going to help us, or save us, it starts at a local level, and that’s where all the power is and will forever.
  7. You have to be the one, to make a difference, don’t wait for someone else because that person will never come. It is you or no one.
  8. Rejection is the fire that you must cross to make a difference. As long as your alive you can make a difference, it doesn’t matter your education, skin color, age, sex, background, whether your divorced, crazy, convicted felon, or a 90 year old gimp with a wooden leg, as long as your alive you can make a difference, so people will never make a difference. Do you know you commit suicide??? Not the people in poverty, not the people who never had nothing, the people WITHOUT hope. As long as you try you will always have hope.
  9. I don’t care, then you make them care. Pain makes people care.
  10. Make the world a better place than whence you found it, before you die. You know its fucked up, so fix it. It dosen’t have to be anything huge. Einstein the most famous genius of our time did nothing to help the common man, NOTHING. That’s what genius is supposed to be used for, NOT building bombs for the government. You want to make the world a better place, not destroy it. The guy that invented the trash liner, now he helped the common man, NOT Einstein. Einstein should have stayed a patent clerk.