10 Point System to Save United States

1) Close the Borders of the United States.

Like Hell’s Angels if you weren’t born here, you can never be a citizen. In Austria if you get caught as an Illegal Alien you can NEVER become a citizen. You want to end underage drinking forever??? If you ever get caught drunk driving, you can never get a license.

2) Execute all Illegal Aliens in Prison

They live better than our Homeless Vets.
Three Hots and a Cot, Toilet Wine, Drugs, Cable TV, Ice Creme on Sundays…

3) No more International Bailouts

We have a third World in California called Skid Row

You can go from Beverly Hills to Skid Row (Or Vice Versa) in about 15 minutes by Uber it’s only (9.8 mi) via W 3rd St

4) No more Bailouts to GM, Chrysler, or the Banks.

You’re paying them to fail.

5) No more subsidizing Universities like Harvard

How can they teach you how to be successful when they themselves have to depend on the Government to Survive???

“Widgets, they don’t exist….”

6) Audit the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve is NOT owned by Federal Government. Neither are any of the other Federal Agencies. The FBI and CIA do NOT work for the people, or the Government. They work for the Deep State, that’s why they were able to spy on Donald Trump.

7) Audit every member in Congress every year.

No more multi-millionaire Public Servants

8) No more Lobbying

You can’t sue companies like Facebook, Google, or other Companies like McDonald from illegal practices, they are immune from the laws. Facebook was created by the CIA. Google spies and collects everything you do illegally. McDonald’s used Human Flesh for the McRib!!!

9) No more secret black budget hidden from Congress

The Industrial Military Complex or Companies like Halliburton owed by Dick Cheney start illegal wars all over the planet. We are in a illegal war right now.

Does anyone know why were still in the Middle East??? Every time Trump wants to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, another bomb magically goes off.

The CIA, is a rouge agency, and so are all the 3 letter agencies. FBI, IRS, NSA, DHS, NASA, NATO, ect.

They are illegal agencies, the Constitution was set up as a 3 party system almost like rock, scissors and paper. The power were divided so one branch could ever hold a monopoly over the other two. Although recently two agencies have been ganging up against the President.

But the theory was that each agency was independent and the power divided. And it was a good solution to the monarchy. But the CIA, created after WW2, operate outside the scope of the Constitution, so they are not bound by law. That makes them illegal by definition.

If you Unconstitutional, you are unlawful.

Now we have an agency with NO over-site, and an Open Check-book, what could go wrong???

Worse than that, George Bush Sr. was head of the CIA, and it is rumored that Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were also groomed as their Manchurian Candidates.

Inside the Pentagon, everything is compartmentalized. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They created specialized groups that are also made up of military personal.

But within that group, or that special project, rank means nothing. They have a specialized agenda that makes them immune from the regular military protocol.

Punk Bitch Coward

When Jimmy Carter, then President, wanted to visit Area 51, George Bush, the Senior Director of the CIA, at the time, told him “No.” The president is Commander and Chief of the Military. Apparently the CIA does not fall under that category. And Jimmy Carter never went nor was he allowed access.

10) The United States needs to create its own bank separate from the Federal Reserve

We should never depend on private Banks owned by the Rothschild and other Satanic Empires who have no alliance to the United States. I know I said audit the Fed. But that’s not really going to change anything. You can embezzle a billion dollars and live like a King in Many Countries around the world that hate the United States, but will serve 10 years first offense for robbing the 7-11 for $38 Dollars.

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