1. Promote Satanism (Washington Monument, Georgia Guildstones, and use the “God” and not specifically Jesus Christ to deceive the masses. i.e George Bush Jr. “God told me to go to War.” Not the God of “Thou shall not Kill.”

2. Censorship Internet with Net Neutrality

3. Use CIA to deceive President

4. Make Hillary Clinton relevant. She is not President, nor will she ever be, but she must be mentioned in the news at least once a day for no reason whatsoever, other than to criticize the President on everything he does. (See Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer).

5. Fake Media to encourage Propaganda, focus on trivia like what kind of shoes first lady wears during the Presidents visit to man made disaster with HAARP.

6. False Flags to start Mass Shootings to Ban Guns

7. Organize professional Terrorists (ANTIFA) to create the people’s right to assemble into riots, to usher in Martial Law.

8. Silence Free Speech on College Campus.

9. Celebrity Jerk off badmouthing Country to destroy Patriotism.

10. Forest Fires to divert attention from Bad Press on False Flags.