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World of Rath

Ever since I became an adult, (last Tuesday), I always attempted to make a living creatively, because anything else, even if I were to become a doctor, would have been a waste of life. There are many other ways than working in the medical profession to save lives.

Read that again.

This website is an example of that attempt. And I wanted to notify you that I needed to make some major improvements that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

You see improving a site takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment. In fact so much so, that it was even interfering with my work, and I had to make some very hard decisions.

Fortunately for you, I came to the right one, and decided to sacrifice my dream job of working at the State Mental Institution for the past 25 years; just so I could spend more time perfecting this website for your viewing enjoyment.

I also cut out all unnecessary expenses, like rent, food, and alimony. And I even moved in with my mom at the Senior Citizen Trailer Park, guaranteeing that I will never have sex again.

But we all have to make sacrifices, and I will continue to do so because you silly bastards are worth it.

Besides it was time for a change, when I worked as an orderly, we had this one patient called “Houdini” because he kept escaping from his padded cell, and play “hide & seek” with the staff. It took many long, hours to find that motherfucker rascal, and truth be told, we got tired of looking for him, and at the end we didn’t even bother.

Houdini gave up after a week or so, when he realized no one was going to “find” him, and then he’d wander back into his padded cell, and retie his own straight jacket. I didn’t know it at the time but he was practicing to escape the hospital for good.

Over the years, due to budget cutbacks from the Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, Ford and Nixon administration, the conditions at the hospital had become sub-human standard, as a result. I guess the hospital food was the final straw.

Well that and the fact that Domino’s refused to deliver to the “nut-house,” (their words, not mine), and who could blame him? I hated that food too; gave everybody the shits.

When I found the note “Houdini” left for me at bed check that fateful night, I knew it was goodbye forever. Of course, I couldn’t actually read the words, because Houdini scribbled them in crayon and then pissed on the note, smearing the letters, but I could read in-between the lines, Me and him were good like that. We had that kind of symbiotic relationship.

I would like to say the story of “Houdini” ends there, but this story is a tragedy. One day when I was watching television, taking the meds instead of passing them out. And I saw that crazy bastard on TV where I knew he belonged.

At first, I thought I was watching a rerun of “Taxi” on TvLand, because Houdini looked and sounded exactly like that character Latka or “Foreign Man,” by the late Andy Kaufman.

World of Rath

World of Rath

But no, it was him, Houdini, working as an anchor for the MSNBC news channel, and it was funny because all that crazy, fucking, annoying gibberish, that he spouted non-stop that got him locked up in the institution in the first place, he’s was still spouting and verbatim, except now he was broadcasted to dozens of MSNBC viewers, and maybe even getting paid for doing so.

Do you remember when Edward Snowden went public and informed us about the illegal spying done by the CIA?

Houdini was the one, who interrupted the congresswoman who proposed an over site committee to investigate the illegal activities of the CIA so that MSNBC could give you an update on Justin Bieber assaulting his neighbor’s house with eggs instead. The Original was taken off the air on the first broadcast, and then replaced another tel-prompter reader instead. I have yet to find the original.

But the replacement is listed below.

World of Rath

Socialization not Education

When I was a child, everybody acted the same, and if you were “different” you were punished or ostracized. I was trying to actually think for myself, while everybody else was busy trying to memorize meaningless trivia like history, geography, and algebra.

I don’t want to embarrass myself by giving my age, but I remember going thru the school system when it was just a living hell, I don’t know what the school thought they were preparing me for, maybe prison because it sure in the fuck wasn’t college.

I hate liberals, they are walking, talking examples of hypocrisy. They talk the talk; but not the walk. They live in their ivory towers and preach why you should pay even more in taxes so that you can support illegal aliens who have felonies in two countries; ours and theirs.

Do you honestly believe celebrities like Merrill Strep ever worked a real job in her life? How about Rosie O’Donnell, Al Franken, Michael Moore, or the late Ted Kennedy. Why don’t they give all their money to charity and live in the ghetto?

Lead by example! Go volunteer to work in a fucking soup kitchen!!!

I did.

Do you want to know who is even more contemptible that that? The Black Culture who cuts tracks bragging about how tough their neighborhood is, preach nothing but getting high, 40 oz’s, killing, fucking, only to move to the Suburbs with the “White Devils,” as soon as they can afford to.

O.J Simpson killed two people in Beverly Hills, not Compton.

Bill Maher, said, “I wish they had school shootings when I was a kid,” and that was brilliant.” He wasn’t joking, we truth in jest, because there is someone in all of our lives that we want dead, or I should say, we want to kill.

Our murder per capital rivals that of Iraq, and that’s only because were at war, with them. Soon we will have metal detectors and armed security guards (private police) everywhere. Ours schools, churches, daycare, malls, cinema’s, supermarkets. Everywhere. Not just a police state. A privatized police state.

I wanted to take my kid to the movies and he looked at me and asked,

“Do you think we’ll get shot daddy?”

I could have cried.

We are becoming prisoners of isolation in our free society, Here let me make a point, Do you even know the names of your neighbors?

World of Rath

Break the Poverty Cycle

I don’t understand poor people, why when you have nothing, why do you make your situation a hundred times worse by having children that you can’t afford.

Let’s forget about welfare for a second, I’m not even talking about that burden to society. Why would you condemn an innocent human being to a life of violence, poverty, and misery

Have sex; not children.

I’m not putting an emphasis on abortion, I’m putting an emphasis on prevention. You may have never have had a chance in life, and I understand that, I am not condemning you, the circumstances of your birth was not your fault. But, rather than continue the pattern, you can prevent it. The pattern of human suffering may not have started with you, but it can end with you. Only you can prevent the future tragedy of other’s, by not having kids, spawning kids, or getting pregnant.

World of Rath

Society and other Injustice

As I get older, I become less tolerant of bullshit. And my intolerance is in direct proportion to other people’s rudeness. It seems that no matter where you go to try and enjoy yourself, there is always some asshole who goes out of his way to piss everybody off for no reason.

I remember one time I went to the movies, and this loud mouth punk(s) in the front row would not keep his fucking mouth shut, until finally I had to get and kick the popcorn right out of his hands, and he was going to get up until he realized I was there to scrap, “Motherfucker I will beat your ass like Bruce Lee did to Chuck Norris and the end of Return of the Jedi.” Then after giving a better performance than the actors on the screen, he sat back down down sulking.

I didn’t pay to hear his commentary, or hear someone’s else’s cell phone conversation, and don’t make me compliment you on how hard you can kick the back of my seat. I told him to keep his mouth shut going forward.

Of course, the nearby patrons started defending him and protesting me. I’m used to people ganging up on me, so this was no surprise, it was the same pattern that I was used too ever since I was a child. I guess I was even more unlikable that this obnoxious asshole who wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, and me I never uttered a syllable during the movie or started a fight in my life.

I had to learn how to fight smart, because the odds were always against me.  I stopped expecting life to be fair, or people to help or be decent when I was in the fourth grade. I was an Yankee who moved to the south because my dad’s company relocated to another state, and the other southern kids made fun of my northern accent, that I couldn’t hear, and the teacher let them, because she didn’t like me.

Ms. Cowand (African American)/Seven Oaks Elementary/Columbia, South Carolina.

Do you know what Irony is?

Having a bunch of retarded inbreeds, make fun of something you didn’t even know existed.

Back to the Movie Theater. When the crowd turned on me, I pulled the alarm to evacuate the movie theater (actually the entire mall), and then walked out the fire-door in the back. I had already parked my car behind the theater just in case some bullshit like this was gonna break out, so I could make a fast get-away.

Don’t think I never got my ass kicked, but whatever didn’t kill me only made me stronger.

Whatever I did, I always had to go it alone. But this was no surprise, human beings who ganged up were just pawns on the chessboard of life, it was God himself who was against me. So after I realized that life was fucked up on purpose, and not by accident. Read that again, I considered myself superior, just like you.

World of Rath
Human Evolution

The next step in our evolution will be spiritual. Humans have traditionally defined their “purpose” by their profession, or what you do is what you are. Now every job can be or will be done by machines: driving, flying, surgery, security, logistics, exploration, even machines repairing other machines.

What do you do when you have nothing to do?

That’s the koan.

I don’t have the answer yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it, it won’t get me anymore subscribers, but I might just save the entire human race, so that will be a nice consolation prize.

Update: Machines should do all the shit work, so we can utilize our creative ability, or god giving talent to the best of our ability.

All of our basic needs have to be met as a collective, everyone has a computer, and a camera phone and the internet, so everyone can make a living creatively.

If you don’t what, but you don’t have the means then ask How?

Start off every night before you go to bed and ask yourself the one question most appropriate that will solve that problems. When you wake up in the morning you will have your answer. If not repeat the process until you do.

How is both the question and the answer.

Is both the question and the answer.

If you only ask yourself that one question (How?), you will get the answer to that problem. It might take 5 minutes or it may take 5 years, but you will get your answer. If you don’t know what your supposed to be doing, then ask What?

What is both the question and the answer.

I just saved the entire human race, but you have to do the work, I can’t do it for you, or I would.

Even thou I considered myself quite ordinary, when I got older I discovered my own uniqueness. Now, I could appreciate the similarities of what made of what made us all human, and the differences which made everyone individuals.

We are all fearful, vulnerable, weak, needy, desperate, and miserable. But, you’re not here to hear about what makes us all the same, your here to read about somebody whose just different enough to keep your interest.

Websites I like

Cultsploitation Website
Cultsploitation Link

World of Rath

VI. The Decline of YouTube

I love satire, and with the Internet I have the opportunity to share some my personal satire with you. Satire is a real art form, and by far the most sophisticated form of comedy.

Regarding my World of Rath videos, I still have some of the material on my YouTube channel, so I’m going to give you that link:

Did you know that the U.S. Government owns a percentage of Google, and Google bought YouTube, this is what I call a “conglomerate monopoly,”

The same people who are trying to create a one-world government are doing so corporately, as well as politically.

Disney owns ABC Television

Paramount is a unit of the Coke-Cola Division.

Pepsi owns the fast-food restaurants that you can only buy Pepsi in, (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Long John Silvers).

Now imagine a corporation, like Disney, the black-magic kingdom, (who recently bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise), and built their resort on an alligator farm, and then bought McDonald’s, and then Coke-Cola, until they became the most powerful corporation in the world?

Why does one corporation like Disney need to own another Corporation like ABC Television?

I saw “Floridians” try to explain to the World how it was that Oklahoma Families fault that their Little Boy got killed when eaten by that crocodile, and not the Magic Kingdoms, because they were too stupid to realize that Walt Disney built their Multi-Billion Dollar resort on top of an Alligator Farm.

I knew they were going to settle out of court right before I heard them say, that now Immortal Line, “Well, it never happened before???”

How can ABC television report on the Disney Tragedy objectively when one owns the other, you have heard of the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, or don’t bite the hand that feeds you, here’s mine, you have one hand trying to cut off the other.

At a higher level all the media is own by one corporation.

Would it shock you to to know that Coke-Cola and Pepsi are the same company? Remember the Cola Wars from the 80’s:

The illusion of choice is used to deceive the masses, a cola War (or any other ) is used to generates money. What difference does it make what company sells more when both companies are owned by the same people?

The same technique is used by politicians, it dosent matter if your Republican or Democrat or even a third party, because they all work for the same satanic bankers called the Federal Reserve.

That is why nothing ever changes no-matter who you vote for. George Bush committed treason against his own country (both of them), and Barrack Obama carried on the same agenda in Black Face because they knew they could not continue it otherwise. And finally whore of Babylon Hillary Clinton was supposed to continue it as the first female president.

What happened?

The Internet did, and that is why the propaganda media owned by the corporations, could not deceive the public, they don’t get the facts from the television anymore, they get the facts from the Internet.

I myself have recorded policeman asking me who I was and what I was doing when they had no cause, no probable cause. So I took out my camera-phone, and started recording and they were gone. I uploaded it to the internet on my website which YouTube terminated shortly afterwards.

And censoring the Internet was the real reason behind “Net-Neutrality.”

The corporations are the ones who decide who becomes President, not the people. It’s expensive to run for president, that’s why our system is inherently flawed. How else do you think a nobody like Obama comes from nowhere that nobody ever heard of, and suddenly has all the money in the world?

Obama continued the George Bush (Jr. and Sr.), agenda exactly where they left off. Obama gave money to Iran, $100 million dollars, and weapons, that wasn’t his, it belonged to the taxpayers, and he did it while were at war with them.

Men and woman are dying over-there in that sandbox. And this is our commander-and-chief. Why isn’t he being tried for Treason, he certainly committed it. I don’t who the person was as acting President, because it sure as hell wasn’t the same guy who was campaigning for President.

You want to prevent anyone from ever lying to you again? I’ll tell you my secret because you were good enough to check out my site; only judge a person by their actions and not their words. People can lie with their words, but they can’t lie with their actions.

If not for the Internet, pictures like this would NEVER have been available to the public, the T-shirt is a joke, but the picture is real.

Did Obama lie to you?

If not for the Internet, pictures like this would NEVER have been available to the public, the T-shirt is a joke, but the picture is real.

This is what I was going to wear at the Obama’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I was in a Tux but I was going to take it off on stage to expose this T-shirt underneath.

I was identified just before I was supposed to go to go on stage, when 4 Secret Service Men (Men In Black) I called them, picked me up by the chair I was seated on and whisked out the back door. There were two police cars in opposite directions talking to each other. I thought there were waiting for me, but when the four agents threw me in a a nearby dumpster chair and all. 

When the officers saw what happened, they got out of their car’s and walked over to find out what was going on.

As they got closer one on the agents signaled to the rest and all four of them ran into the building, “Hey what’s going on he one of the officers asked?” The last agent who I guess was the senior, he looked the oldest said, Taking out the Trash.”

The Obama Care Health-plan wasn’t complicated at all; his plan in a nutshell, was to simply raise the insurance rates on the people who already had health care, so that he could give insurance to the people that currently did not have healthcare, and that is why the rates are skyrocketing, and co-pays as well.

There were more homeless people living across the street from Obama then when George Bush Jr. was in office, and Obama was our first black president.

Back to the government owning a percentage of YouTube and Google, this is so that they can monitor your emails and anything else they wanted without a search warrant, and this is considered “legal” as an attempt to bypass and avoid, probably cause, due process, a jury of your peers, and beyond a reasonable doubt.

The government does not give you your constitutional rights.

The “Bill of Rights” does!!!

All of this is illegal, and now the government is breaking the Law. There is a difference between governmental law and constitutional law, and you don’t have to be a lawyer to figure it out.

The people made YouTube, a success, and not the other way around. And you people can make them a failure. Trust me when I tell you that the future will be everybody having their own blog, like this one, except that yours will probably be better. I’m not going to boycott YouTube, instead of just exposing YouTube, I wanted to create my own little corner on the internet. I created my own blog.

You Can Make A Difference, I have, and I continue to make a difference, not just for myself, but for you, and everyone else who reads these words.


Because I’m going to make you think.

Do you want to know what the most dangerous thing in the world is?

An Idea.

Because an idea can change the world, the internet was just an “idea” at one time.

Did the Internet change the World???

That’s also why I created this site, because I’m full of fucking ideas.

It’s hard to make a mediocre web-site, let alone a good one. But, an original site, Irreparable!

I can’t gauge whether my site is good or bad, that’s for you to decide, I’m too close. But actually making this site, that was my decision, and I did it, from thought to reality. Or said another way from nothing to reality, that’s magic. This site is proof of that, and your my witness.

World of Rath

I attracted almost:






Over 300,000 visits on this website alone, with no advertising, I just put my fucking shit out there and people took notice.I always believed if your good enough you will find your audience, and they will find you. I had to pay for site, but there are plenty of free sites out there if you ever want to create your own. And the companies will even help you get started.

Do not listen to anybody who tells you that you can’t make a difference because those are the same people who told me the same thing over 300,000 views ago.

You can make a difference, that’s why the people in power tell you that you can’t, because you can, If I can, you can.

Remember how I told how to judge a person by their actions and not their words and they can never lie to you? Let’s use that word “action” again.

Timing isn’t Everything; Action Is

If you want to make a real difference and leave the world a better place than whence you found it, all you have to do is start. Don’t wait for the right time, Right now is the right fucking time, so just do it.

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock, go out and create your own opportunities. Better you start your own business and fail, then do nothing. Anyone can do nothing. It actually takes an effort to be a failure. Successful people have more problems not less. Life can make it difficult, but life cannot make it impossible, the only time something becomes impossible is when you stop believing you can do it.”

VII. Author

I am a writer, and for that 99.999% of you who do not know me, I want to start by saying that I do NOT make entertainment for children. Unlike George Lucas, who is brilliant and talented, and married a black woman, I am none of those things, except for maybe marrying a black woman, but that’s another post.

I make entertainment for adults, so be 18 (preferably 21), or else get the fuck out.

I was young and stupid (see link below for details):

and now I’m old and stupid (coming soon).



Aside from the short one page stories that I write and post, as a collection on this website and Scirbd, I have also completed my novel, that is entitled, “Yes, Master” and you can purchase it one chapter at a time or the entire book when it is finished. I put it out a chapter at a time so that you could get the material as soon as possible.

The complete novel is about 400 pages and 100,000 words, with no illustrations, except for the book cover itself. An illustrated novel may be in the works at a future date.

The purchase price of the complete novel is under seven dollars (eBook), and available for immediate purchase thru Amazon whose hyper-link is on this website.

If you click on the Rath (2.0) I have included videos that I had from the second version of this website. These may go back years, I used to make videos, but my YouTube channel was banned so many times, that most of my original videos have been lost to the ravages of cyber-space forever. There out there somewhere but I never kept a collection of my stuff and what I did have I put on the 2.0 page.

After almost 7 years, I discovered what worked for me, I can’t tell you what’s going to work for you, but if you start looking now then you will find it. Of course, I was the stupid kid in class, so you may find it a lot faster, and it may only take you 1 year, or 1 month, or one week, or one day, or one hour…

You need to check out each of my link individually, because everything on here is worth investigating; everything that I put on here is stuff that I would like to see myself, but could never find, or never existed, and if you like one thing, your bound to like something else, so check each link because subscribing is the only way your notified of updates, which I do daily, sometimes hourly. I could not believe how many people unsubscribed to me on YouTube, only to resubscribe the next day or week.


Because there’s nothing else out there half as original as my shit. I am simply another flavor, not chocolate, or vanilla, and definitely not superman, but at the very least, I am another choice, can you imagine if our political system only had two flavors, and both of those were owned by the same company!!!


You can never go wrong with more options, but I not for the masses, I am for the individuals, the people who are going to make a difference, you found me and you be here otherwise. It doesn’t matter your age, or profession, as long as your alive, you can make a difference.

This is the 21st Century dead the only people too old to make a difference are the people already dead. Back to my flavor, some people don’t like butter-peacon, or pistachio, I know I don’t, but still I am another choice, and I exist. I did all of this by myself.

I write the stories by myself, I investigate the facts my myself. I create original concepts by myself. I do everything alone. That’s the way I have always been, and that’s the way I will always be. But if I leave a bad taste in your mouth go out and create your own flavor, I am your inspiration.

I didn’t even have an email address or know what one was when I started. I didn’t own a cell-phone until 10 years after everyone else had one because I refused to be locked into a contract for a year or two. And finally when one company said I could go a month to month without a contract only then did I get one, (Metro PCS).

And I was even working for another phone company at the terms, so should you. And when I was homeless and when it was still preferable to the rat race.

World of Rath


I don’t judge you, or condemn you, I entertain you, so send money, and lots of it, in fact that’s my slogan, Send Me Money, here let me give you an example:

“What Would Rath Do?”

Pay the rent, or send Me Money?

I would Send Me Money, but only if I were you, I can’t speak for myself.

I mean it’s really noble if you can avoid being selfish especially by giving your hard-earned money to me. Look, one of us should be rich, and we both know that I would spend the money a hell of a lot better than you would, even if I bought the same shit.

Okay, hold up, I’m exaggerating, I love my fans, I would do any for you, let me prove it, if you want to talk to me, then comment, or give me your email address, whatever, I’m not going to stalk you (unless you’re a smoking hot chick, who lives alone and owns a liquor store or a Pot Shop), hopefully this site will still be up, long after I’m dead, but you have the opportunity, to talk to me now, while I’m still alive, and that’s priceless, despite the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything.



Oh yea, and don’t forget to send me that money.

Think About This:

Every citizen, reporter, government insider, and whistle-blower, who expose the illegal activities of the United Stated Government have one thing in common.

It is not that they were loners, fanatics, recently divorced or jobless, or have a history of mental illness, they could have chosen anytime in their lives to kill themselves but all of them no-matter what their age, job, race, or financial background was, have only one deciding factor, they all decided to commit suicide” after they exposed the illegal activities of the United States Government.

We all heard about Edward Snowden and how people wanted to prosecute him for leaking secrets to Russia. Nothing has been proven, he never had his trial, but we know that United States Government broke the law.

They never even denied it. Why don’t we deal with United States Government first, who actually broke the law and then deal with Edward Snowden.

Usually victims who expose the truth of the United States government commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of head three times. But please don’t take my word for it search for “Seth Rich” who was “murdered” in a robbery right in the middle of the street and their were no witnesses.

His wallet and money were not missing, nor anything else of value like his driver’s license or Social Security number. The D.C police didn’t even investigate this, and stone-walled his parents who hired their own private detective. Eventually the D.C police warned him (a retired police officer) himself, to leave it alone, and that was a threat.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler wrote a sequel to “My Struggle” that was never published, It was originally titled “The New World Order” that the Bush-Clinton is modeled after. They keep taking the link down off my other sites, but you can download it here:



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